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Become a Partner

Lone Star values our partner relationships. We offer many opportunities to prospective candidates. Learn how your company can engage in a rewarding partnership with Lone Star Analysis today.


Systems Integrator Partners

Gain market share by combining AnalyticsOSSM or TruNavigatorSM best-in-class software and your best-in-class solutions, market expertise, and customer support capabilities. As a Systems Integrator Partner you will work closely with Lone Star to create sustainable solutions and business models in a fast changing environment. You will have access to a comprehensive portfolio of support offerings designed to help our Systems Integrator Partners build a profitable and mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

Reseller Partners

Build and expand your business by reselling AnalyticsOSSM and TruNavigatorSM solutions to your clients. As a Reseller Partner, you’ll receive the rights to resell AnalyticsOSSM and TruNavigatorSMand bundle your services with our software. By expanding your product offering to include our software, you will see the opportunity to become a leader in the predictive and prescriptive analytics and analysis space, grow your customer base and revenue, and earn commissions. You’ll also receive personalized training to become part of a community of experts, so you can introduce our products to your customers with confidence.

Hardware Partners

The IoT market will drive significant uptake in sensors, gateways, and server environments. Add significant value to your customers by integrating your hardware solutions with AnalyticsOSSM best-in-class predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions. Integration combined with effective marketing, will ensure that Hardware Partners have value added visibility in a high growth market.

OEM / Developer Partners

We are excited to open up our best-in-class patent pending AnalyticsOSSM software to third-party software providers. As we focus on the evolving landscape of smart applications, we recognize the needs to embed predictive and prescriptive analytics into existing providers ecosystems as an ideal way to empower more users with actionable operational insights. There is no need to build your own, when our architecture makes embedding advanced analytics quick and easy.

Become a Partner

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