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Proven Performance in Oil & Gas. Our faster, better answers give energy companies the edge when their decisions really count. We provide Asset Management and Optimization solutions to any problem.

At Lone Star Analysis, we’ve helped businesses in oil and gas save millions in asset management, utilization, maintenance and support to maximize their ROI. In fact, our clients’ ROI has always been at least 20:1 and as much as 100:1 when they’ve applied our intelligence. Even better, we can deploy our solutions more quickly than our competitors. With no “training data” required, Lone Star can implement your solutions in weeks, not months, creating value fast.

Produce More Energy, for Longer, and at a Lower Cost with MaxUp® Energy’s ESP Asset Analytics

ESP Operators Struggle with Similar Problems:
Extending the time to failure of its ESPs, minimizing ESP downtime, and optimizing production over time

The Solution:
Lone Star’s analytics maximizes uptime by mitigating issues before they happen on up to 60 different failure modes and predicts when a replacement is required so that the proper personnel, equipment, and tools are available at the right time.

Advanced Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics and Performance Optimization Solutions Where You Need Them

Upstream: Drilling operations (onshore/offshore), production operations (onshore / offshore), oil field services, asset optimization, HSE management, risk management
Midstream: Storage and transportation
Downstream: Refining and processing
Remote & Offshore Supply and Logistics: Managing costly, long supply lines, provisioning, transport hedging, personnel staging

At Lone Star®, we believe it’s never enough to just predict an issue will occur. You need to know what will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen and what you should do about it, based on your specific business needs. Providing these insights – and doing it with extreme accuracy – is what we do every day. Provided to you in the form of oil & gas asset management and optimization solutions.

Areas of Focus

Automated Intelligent Analytics

  • Predictive and prescriptive, real-time analytics deployed at the point of need
  • Prescriptive maintenance solutions – artificial airlift systems, compressor and pumping systems, generator systems, top drives, structural assessment, fleet management, just-in-time parts management, and more
  • Precise results at the edge or in your data center
  • Easy-to-use software with transparent, auditable models

Operational Optimization Solutions

  • Deep, predictive insights to improve operations
  • Accurately simulate any process, function, or environment
  • Solutions delivered at a scale and speed not possible elsewhere
  • Applications in the supply chain, risk management, asset utilization, staffing, training, and asset/portfolio optimization


Success Stories

Electric Submersible Pump Analytics MaxUp Energy

Electric Submersible Pump Analytics Case Study

The Operational Mode and virtual sensors allowed the client to monitor aspects of the pump that were not previously available. In turn, we were able to help the client deliver more products and bring in more revenue.

MaxUp® Energy

An artificial lift optimization firm, working for a large, international oil and gas exploration and production company, was experiencing significant difficulties keeping Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) in service on the Bakken shale formation due to harsh operational conditions. This scenario leads to low ESP productivity, premature ESP failures, as well a high cost of replacement and workover due to last-minute planning.


Strong Reputation

Lone Star® Has Built a Strong Reputation as a Trusted Provider of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and Analysis in Industrial Markets. We Have Done This By Continuously Delivering High Value Solutions That Lead to Significant Improvements in Operational and Financial Performance for Our Customers.


97% Customer Satisfaction

Unwavering commitment to delivering value through our solutions and services


70+ Patents Filed or Awarded

Dedication to advancing state-of-the-art in AI, ML, simulation and analytics


18+ Awards Achieved and Recognized

as a leader in our markets

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