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Lone Star Finalist in Addison Texas Best Place to Work in 2015

Lone Star Analysis has been named a finalist in the ADDISON The Magazine of the North Corridor Best Places to Work for 2015. Finalist were chosen based on company culture, employee perks such as 401k programs...

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Solving Complex Business And Technical Challenges

Lone Star Analysis is a trusted provider of Enhanced Decision Analysis (EDA), multi-discipline modeling and simulation, and executive advisory support.  Helping our clients succeed in an increasingly complex and uncertain world is what motivates us. We are committed to delivering improved operational and financial performance, as well as reduced cost and risk, through accurate and actionable answers to our clients’ most critical challenges.  Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Lone Star provides support to clients in the Military & Intelligence, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, and Communications & Technology industries.

Lone Star has built a strong reputation with its clients for delivering insightful analysis, advice and support. We do this through the application of industry-leading capability, our commitment to innovation and the advancement of our tools, processes, data and people. We know how to deliver the right answer to the toughest and most challenging issues by:

  • Aligning organizations for future opportunities
  • Optimizing programs for success and value
  • Rapidly answering complex organizational and technical questions
  • Maximizing competitive positioning
  • Supporting the development of next generation technology
  • Ensuring information is available for effective decisions


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Our Vision At Lone Star

We will be the most sought after partner for solving mission critical complex business and technical problems in our chosen markets.

Our Mission

We deliver transformational value to clients through objective, transparent, and actionable decision analysis and leadership advisory support. We apply industry leading software tools, delivery processes, data sets, and people. We define market excellence through continuous innovation in all areas of our business. 


Aerospace & Defense Outlook for M&A

2015 seems poised to be a year of significant activity for Mergers and Acquisitions.  This follows 2014, with M&A activity driven by strong cash reserves and low cost of capital.  Corporate debt in particular has been cheap. Corporate leadership teams, with compensation designed to incent earnings growth have turned to M&A.  Slow organic growth leads CEOs to equity transactions as a faster, cheaper, and lower risk way to boost earnings. This includes both acquiring desirable targets, and stock buyback programs. 

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